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It’s no ordinary catastrophe. The destruction is downright ghastly. Myanmar was hit by the Nargis Cyclone on May 2, 2008. It’s the worst disaster to have hit the Asian continent since the tragedy of Tsunami on December 26, 2004.
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This is a generous translation of my previous article “SIAPA DI SEBALIK AL-QURAN“, smartly done by a sister who is a family friend of us. Thank you Ummu Ridhwan for your kindness and superb Habit #1.


“Quran this, Quran that, Quran blah blah..” Things people say about the Quran – it would never end.

Recently, a right-winged politician in Holland, Geert Wilders also wished to talk about the Quran. It manifested as a fitnah to the world, with his aptly titled movie, Fitna. Continue Reading »



I recently received an email from my friend asking opinion about a comparative list between Jesus and Muhammad. The email concluded that there is no comparison between Jesus and Muhammad. Muhammad falls so far short, that he cannot be held on any level remotely close to Jesus. Muhammad is clearly inferior to Christ.

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Books Haunting Me

A good companion

It was quite a while since the last time I wrote about my readings. List of books in my faceook is also poorly updated.


This semester is killing me… I literally lost my momentum due to many incidents occured. The worst part was when I got infected with the conjunctivitis that later on transformed itself to keratitis which leaves scars on my cornea until today. I missed 3 lectures, didn’t go to work for about one month and now… I’m falling apart.

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You can also download the paperworks presented during the seminar by clicking the links below:


Farewell final exam… but no holiday for me.

Immediately after my final paper, I rushed to prepare materials for several programs. Wednesday was the day for my Maghrib Kulliyyah in Wangsa Maju. Thursday occupied me with a leadership camp for some teenagers in Cheras and I have only one day to concentrate on preparing materials for tomorrow seminar in Penang. That is today.

Tomorrow, Penang Medical College Islamic Society is organizing an event which is ‘Seminar Ibadah Pesakit’. This is basically a seminar to educate Muslim medical personnels (especially medical students) on how to perform obligatory prayers and ablution (wudhu’) in the situation when somebody is sick or in bedridden state.

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My Prayer for Siti Salmah

Siti Salmah Jasni

I praise Allah for the success of both lung and heart transplant for our sister, Siti Salmah Jasni, 18.

I was quite upset for not being able to attend National Hearth Institute (IJN) when the procedure took place because of my final exams in IIUM. At this critical moment, the parents of Siti Salmah and her siblings were indeed in need of emotional and spiritual support, especially because Puan Sabariah Mustaffa herself suffers from pulmonary hypertension and has a hole in her heart.

Being one of the patient counselors in IJN, this is a huge responsibility for me, and throughout the weekend, I keep praying to Allah for her success and recovery while busy with my preparation for the final exam.

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PUISI 2007: My Hope


Alhamdulillah, as a continuation of last year success, I am invited again by PPIMI to present another module with a hope to enhance the character building among the participants of those Malaysian students in UK and Ireland.

Last year, I Islamized – so to speak – the famous book of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teen, as a personal message to the participants and the dhuat in general, that Islam is an accommodative system to all goodness which by its nature has no brand of nationality. Even though the book was written by a pure American author, the concept which derived from a careful study of human character, appeared to be universal and very much compatible with the principles of Islam. It is us, the dhuat, that need to cultivate our creativity to make the dakwah fresh, attractive and more friendly to the current generation of Muslim.

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